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0 NWMC Structure
0 The Establishment of NWMC
0 Roles and Responsibilities
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0 NWMC Structure
NWMC's Structure
0 The Establishment of NWMC
The construction work of the NWMC, Chiang Mai under the DCR’s supervision started in 1994. The officer is the first Regional Weights and Measures Center in Thailand. The construction was completed in 1997; and the NWMC has started its operation in 1998. The NWMC consists of an office building and 6 laboratories with the total 1,345 square metres operation areas. The laboratories’ function are:

1. Mass Laboratory 1
2. Mass Laboratory 2
3. Volume Laboratory
4. Length Laboratory
5. Prepackaged Goods Laboratory
6. Moisture Laboratory

The NWMC has both the mobile-unit cars for the off-site verification on the small scales, prepackaging scales, and petrol meters at the service stations; and crane trucks with the 10-metric ton weighing capability for a verification of the vehicle scales.
0 Roles and Responsibilities
At present, there are 22 verification branch offices nationwide under the administration of the Central Bureau of Weights & Measures. The NWMC has functioned the responsibilities as follow:
- Perform verification work as prescribed by the Law of Weight & Measures B.E. 2542 (AD 1999) i.e. to verify and issue the licence for the commercial weighing equipments, to oversee and inspec weighing, scaling, and measuring instruments, and to receive application for the production, repairing, and distributing of weighing, scaling, and measuring instruments, and to review the eligibility of the applicants.

- Provide the calibration services in accordance with the metrological system of the Northern Weights and Measures Center for an accuracy, reliability, and the standardisation of the verification system.

- Promote the provincial verification Office, as prescribed in the Verification Act, within the 16 Northern provinces.

- Train the verification officers for the better understanding and their operational skills.

- Discharge the work of public relations for the common understanding in weighing and measuring of the users and the public.

- Provide calibration services, if needed for the calibration reports, to manufacturing sectors and relevant units.

- Discharge works as assigned by the Central Bureau of Weights and Measures
0 Area of Responsibilities
The NWMC is responsible for verification and inspection of weighing and measring instruments used for commercial purposes in Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Mae Hong Son, and checking prepackaged goods throughout the North of Thailand.

The NWMC is also responsible for calibration of working standards for the Northern Weights and Measures Branch Offices, they are located in: Phitsanulok, Nakhon Sawan, Lampang and Phrae.

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