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The NWMC is responsible for assuring measurement accuracy in commerce throughout the North of Thailand in accordance with the Law of Weight & Measures B.E. 2542 (AD 1999). The NWMC conducts the following activities to promote equity in all commercial transactions and support quality measurement:
0  Inspection and testing of weighing and measuring devices used commercially
0  Inspection and testing of packaged commodities
0  Investigation of consumer and business complaints to ensure proper business practices involving transactions based on weight, measure or count
0  Training inspectors and laboratory metrologists
0  Calibration of working standards for the NWMC and the Northern Weights and Measures Branch Offices, they are located in: Phitsanulok, Nakhon Sawan, Lampang and Phrae
0  Providing calibration services to businesses where precise determination of mass, length, volume, and rice moisture (scientific metrology)

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